FebFest Chocolate & Valentine Fair

| Cal OnlyBallroom

Saturday, February 8
9AM - 4PM
Valentine's Day Gifts
$3 Admission
Click Here for Vendor info


Email bjohnston@helenamt.gov for additional information.

One of Helena’s most popular events welcomes vendors who sell chocolate, candy, dessert delicacies, Valentine gifts, arts and crafts:

  • Chocolate/Candy/Dessert

    Chocolate, candy, dessert delicacies or other food may be sold in bite, regular, or whole size portions. If you plan to serve or sell food, you must contact the City-County Health Department food inspectors (406-443-2584) at least two weeks prior to Feb Fest for a free short term permit or license. Also, the City-County Health Department requires food handlers to use a utensil or wear disposable gloves.

  • Valentine Gifts

    The gifts should be appropriate for Valentine’s Day or, as much as possible, carry a Valentine theme.

  • Arts and Crafts

    Arts and crafts are welcome.

chocolate and roses